What We Do

If you are a high tech or software business and you're not where you want to be, consider bringing us in for a short engagement.  In three weeks, we'll take a full spectrum outsider's view of your business, service and products and show you where the low hanging fruit is.
We'll help you define your market, improve your products and grow your business.  Hire us for the problems you think you have.  We'll tell you how to solve the problems you actually have.
Our capabilities:
  • Strategic planning
    • Holistic business analysis
    • Competitive analysis
    • Vertical marketplace evaluation and selection
    • Partner and sub-contractor strategies
  • Revenue Strategies
    • Find new customers, new market opportunities
    • Evaluate and optimize current revenue streams
    • Identify and explore new market opportunities
    • Advise on product and service improvements to maximize new business.  Build what customers want, not what you think they want.
    • Professional services strategies to improve customer delight and maintain profitability
  • Product Strategies
    • Market - Stop chasing rabbits.
    • Pricing structures
    • Deployment: Cloud/on-Prem/hybrid strategies
    • Mobile product strategies
    • Define sensible product roadmaps with MVP
  • Development Strategies
    • Deep-dive analysis of tools, processes even code reviews.  Strong emphasis on cloud and mobile.
    • In house vs. outsource.  On-shore vs off-shore.  Partnership vs contractors..  Do what you do best, leverage others for the rest.
    • Guidance in migrating to Agile or partial agile development processes
    • Continuous Integration, Continuous Development, Continuous Deployment help
  • Program Management Strategies
    • Advise on tools and processes to improve delivery, meet commitments and keep customers happy
    • Guidance on scope creep - maintain profitability
  • Professional Services Strategies
    • Necessary evil, or sticky continuous revenue stream?
  • Cost Management Strategies
    • Performance strategies
    • Software development processes (Agile development)
    • Transparency through technology