No two projects are alike. In some cases the concept is well designed and thought through, in other cases a fair amount of work needs to be done to complete the concept and determine the scope of the project. Naturally, the more detailed the product requirements are the more accurate we can be in costing out the effort.
We break the full development cycle into several steps that ensure a detailed design and accurate timelines and prices.
Rabbit Hill can be involved in some or all of these steps at the Client's convenience.

Gather Requirements

We'll sit down with you and gather your thoughts. Once we have a clearer understanding of what you are looking for, Rabbit Hill will provide a written estimate for job completion.

Create Product Design Requirements

If you agree to move forward, we'll work together to perform a detailed design of the application and system. The output of this process is a collection of design documents that usually include screen flows, key screen layouts, architecture documents and user stories. The products features and functions are detailed in these documents.
We can then provide you with a formal quote for completing the job.

Detailed Design

We then layout the flow of all the screen and mock-up the look and feel for each of the key screens. All designs are approved by the client before moving forward.

Prototype Development

We then start building the product. As prototypes are developed, they are then tested. Depending on the complexity of the product, we may create several prototypes before we have a "release" candidate.


Each prototype is tested internally and then released to the client for their testing and evaluation. The results of the test phase become change requirements for the next prototype. Once the client is satisfied that the product does what it is supposed to, we then have a release candidate for the App store.

Application Publishing

The client actually publishes the application on the app store, but we are there to help them navigate these tricky waters. Occasionally, the app may fail the screening process and we will be involved to make the necessary changes and resubmit.