ca ipad 5

The Caring Alerts IPAD terminal is designed to be used by home health care patients. Note the use of large buttons. In this snapshot, an alarm is presented to the patient and they are requested to take their blood pressure. Should the alarm time out without being manually turned off by the patient, that information is sent back to the CA web site and care givers may be notified.

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In an effort to keep the screen interface simple, the patient normally sees the next event that is scheduled. Patients can easily select the show schedule button on the screen and the day's schedule will slide in on the right hand side. Patients can slide the schedule up or down and select any event to get more detailed information.
If the patient leaves the interface alone for a minute, the screen reverts back to the main screen.
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Built within the Caring Alerts application is a picture frame that can bet configured by the care giver from their web portal. The picture frame acts as a specialized screen saver that will pull photos from a FLICKr account down while events are waiting to trigger. Unlike other screen savers, the next scheduled event is always present.
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The Caring Alerts terminal has a built in voice mail system so care givers can leave special instructions for the patient. The patient can in turn leave a message for one of the contacts configured for the patient or even make an emergency call to 911.